The world's best coffees … sealed in an aromatic capsule


The innovative capsule for Dallmayr capsa
is perfect for protecting the coffee’s aroma
without any additional packaging.

For your Nespresso®* machine

UTZ Certified

Espresso Indian Sundara

Single-origin coffee. Sustainable.

The Dallmayr capsa variety Indian Sundara bears the UTZ Certified seal. The UTZ sustainability programme is one of the largest in the world. The vision of UTZ Certified is to create a world in which sustainable farming is the norm. The coffee farmers learn efficient methods of farming that respect humankind and nature in order to increase their harvest. This also gives them a better perspective for the future.

Your visit to the plantation

Follow us to the plantation and get to know the farms where coffee for Dallmayr Indian Sundara is grown. Simply choose the EAN code and enter the lot number on the packaging – and your journey will begin: