Pure aroma.
Sheer pleasure.

The preparation of coffee with a cafetière, sometimes called a coffee plunger, is known in parts of Europe and America as the French press method. It is perfect for those who want to discover more of the aroma. The pleasure begins during preparation: you can see, feel and smell the grounds before letting them trickle from your hand into the cafetière. As you slowly pour over the hot water, you can watch the moment when the two elements come into contact to create a wonderful coffee. The pure aroma develops in the pot.

After a brewing time of around four minutes, you carefully press down the filter to force the coarsely ground coffee to the bottom of the container. Pure liquid pleasure is ready to be enjoyed. It is no wonder that many experts recommend preparation with a cafetière as the best method.

Here we present an overview of the entire delicious range of Dallmayr coffee for the French press. If you would like to explore one of these worlds of pleasure in more detail, simply click on the packaging. You can also order all of our blends directly from our online shop.

Dallmayr prodomo

Known by all, strongly aromatic and spicy

prodomo for cafetières

prodomo entcoffeiniert

Harmonious, decaffeinated with a full aroma

prodomo entcoffeiniert for cafetières

Dallmayr Ethiopia

Spicy, full-bodied, sophisticated with an aroma of herbs

Ethiopia for cafetières

French Press Selection

Harmonious and aromatic with a subtle floral note

French Press Selection for cafetières

Coffee rarities

from sustainable farms

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Coffee selection

Coffee classics from the Dallmayr delicatessen

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Grand Cru Café

Our premium range from special regions

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