Espresso like
Mama makes it

It is impossible to imagine an Italian home without one: a simple stove-top espresso pot made of aluminium or stainless steel. This small contraption consists of three parts and is placed directly on the hob. Water is added into the base unit, and finely ground coffee powder is placed into the filter insert.

When the base is heated, the increase in pressure forces the water through a channel into the top section. On its way, it passes through the coffee powder and settles in the top of the pot as espresso that is ready to drink. The result is a strong coffee, but there is no crema layer because the pressure generated in this method is simply too low.

Here we present an overview of the entire delicious range of Dallmayr espresso specialities for stove-top pots. If you would like to explore one of these worlds of pleasure in more detail, simply click on the packaging. You can also order all of our blends directly from our online shop.

Espresso Monaco

Full-bodied and bittersweet

Espresso Monaco for espresso makers

Espresso d’Oro

Strong and bittersweet

Espresso d’Oro for espresso makers

Grand Cru Café

Our premium espressos

GRAND CRU CAFÉ for espresso makers