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A barista has no equal when it comes to the refined art of preparing coffee. Such professionals settle only for the finest-quality coffee, such as Dallmayr Espresso d’Oro. Sold as whole beans, this coffee speciality has been one of the most popular brands on the espresso market for years. Recently, we began offering Dallmayr Espresso d’Oro as finely ground coffee powder for espresso makers.

Its typically Italian espresso flavour is the result of a slow, gentle roasting process. The aroma is strong and spicy with a fine bitter note. It is delicious straight or as an espresso macchiato, cappuccino or latte macchiato

Taste profile

TypeCoffea arabica and Coffea canephora

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Dallmayr Espresso d’Oro is finely ground and therefore ideal for preparation in an stove-top espresso pot. Fill the lower compartment with water up to the mark and press down the ground espresso in the filter slightly before placing it on top of the water. Screw the top part firmly down to keep everything in place. Heat the espresso maker on the hob until the pressure in the lower compartment forces the water through the coffee grounds into the upper chamber. The coffee is then ready to drink.

Our tip: If possible, use soft water and always remember to screw the two halves of the espresso maker firmly together. If you would like to enjoy Dallmayr Espresso d’Oro with an excellent layer of crema, we recommend preparing it in a semi-automatic espresso machine with a portafilter.


Dallmayr Espresso d’Oro – a pleasure in every form

For fully automatic machines