Pleasure at the push of a button

Fully automatic machines were originally developed for the gastronomy sector to make work easier for service staff. They take care of everything, from grinding the beans to preparing the frothed milk for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. The water is forced through a portion of freshly ground coffee at a high pressure. Depending on the type of machine used, the result can be anything from an aromatic filter coffee or café crème to an espresso with a light or golden brown layer of foam, known as the crema.

These days, fully automatic machines are becoming standard in more and more private homes. Here we present an overview of the entire delicious range of Dallmayr whole beans – ideal for preparation in fully automatic machines.

If you would like to explore one of these worlds of pleasure in more detail, simply click on the packaging. You can also order all of our blends directly in the online shop.

Dallmayr prodomo

Highly aromatic and spicy

prodomo for fully automatic machines

Dallmayr prodomo entcoffeiniert

Decaffeinated with a full aroma
Prodomo für Vollautomaten

Dallmayr Crema d’Oro

Specialities with a crema

d’Oro for fully automatic machines

Caffè Crema perfetto & Espresso intenso

lively and aromatic
perfetto und intenso für Vollautomaten

Dallmayr Ethiopia

Spicy, full-bodied and sophisticated 

Ethiopia for fully automatic machines

Dallmayr Classic

Intensive and strongly aromatic
CLassic für Vollautomaten

Espresso Monaco

Full-bodied and bittersweet

Espresso Monaco for fully automatic machines

Espresso Barista

simply superb

Espresso Barista for fully automatic machines

Coffee rarities

from sustainable farms

Coffee rarities for fully automatic machines

Coffee selection

Exceptional classics

Selection for fully automatic machines

Grand Cru Café

Our premium range

GRAND CRU CAFÉ for fully automatic machines