The best of the best

Freshly roasted coffee from the vases in the Dallmayr delicatessen

It is impossible to imagine a list of delicatessens from around the world that does not include the name Dallmayr. A fine culture of dining and drinking is not merely staged in our traditional shop, but is lived and breathed by the people who work there. We see quality and first-class service as a vocation and passion. Every day.

The quest for premium quality

Our procurement staff are always looking for products that are the best of the best. They follow up on insider tips and seek out exceptional new products. While our wine buyers travel the world in search of excellent vintners, others end up in Brittany in search of oyster beds. Meanwhile, our coffee experts set off into the highlands of Papua New Guinea to track down rare beans.

Konrad Werner Wille, co-owner of Dallmayr, travelling through Ethiopia in 1965

Passionate about the beans

The tradition of inspecting coffee harvests in person began when Konrad Werner Wille joined the company in the 1930s. At the age of just 19, the merchant came from Bremen to Munich with the task of establishing a specialist coffee department at the Dallmayr delicatessen. He developed an excellent range of coffees. Travelling through the countries where beans are grown, he purchased raw coffee and later stood at the roasting machine in person to refine the art of releasing the coffee's full aroma. He did not stop experimenting until he was completely satisfied with the results.

Up to a thousand aromas unfold during the Dallmayr roasting process

A wealth of experience and the art of coffee

At Dallmayr, we still live up to this spirit. Our roasting experts do not simply make do with any old blend – they make it their mission to unlock the best possible aroma from every bean. They set about their work with the knowledge of which bean can be used for which speciality and with a high level of finesse. Within the team, experience is passed down from generation to generation.


Fully ripe, red coffee cherries alongside unripe ones on a branch


‘For some it is the most beautiful cherry in the whole country. For us, it is the seed of a magnificent coffee.’

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