Manufacturers made the fittings exclusively to order

An inspiring atmosphere

After spending a little time in Restaurant Dallmayr, you will begin to notice the many small, subtle details that await guests. Utmost attention has been paid to the choice of sophisticated materials and a special level of craftsmanship for the high-quality interior design and fittings. Every detail is harmonious. The furniture and fittings were produced exclusively to order for the Dallmayr restaurant.

Each plate bears a unique design by porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg

Subtle details for connoisseurs

Diners can enjoy an elegant, intimate atmosphere. Meals are served on the finest hand-painted Nymphenburg porcelain plates. Wine can be savoured from hand-blown glasses made to order from Theresienthal crystal glass factory. Guests are seated on comfortable leather armchairs, where they can take in the subtle details around them. The wine glasses are engraved on the base with symbols depicting the corresponding growing region. The charger plates are decorated with hand-painted butterflies, each of them unique.

Menu and wine list

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Menu and wine list


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