Style of cuisine

Diethard Urbansky’s classic modern cuisine

Two principles that appeared during the time of classical modern architecture can also be used to describe Diethard Urbansky’s style of cuisine.

First principle: Form follows function

For the head chef of Restaurant Dallmayr, the preparation of a dish has to obey the nature of its ingredients. He only ever uses produce that he has rigorously inspected, and does not tolerate any unusual changes in taste, aroma, or texture.

Second principle: Less is more

The concept of ‘less is more’ is a logical extension of the first principle. You will never find anything superfluous in Urbansky’s exciting, subtly-arranged creations, which are meticulously planned down to the last detail. Nothing is merely decorative; taste is everything. And that is Diethard Urbansky’s classic modern style – culinary perfection.

Menu and wine list

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Menu and wine list


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