Sommelier Julien Morlat cares after his guests’ well-being

Relaxed friendliness and confident attention to detail

Anyone who dines at Restaurant Dallmayr will soon realise that it is a very special place. After the shop has closed, guests ring the bell at the entrance to the delicatessen and are greeted in person, before being led upstairs – just like visiting close friends.

On the first floor of the building, head waitress Barbara Englbrecht and her service team are ready to welcome customers, who can look forward to an evening of supreme food.

Sommelier Julien Morlat ensures that guests at Restaurant Dallmayr also have the perfect selection of wines during their visit. He offers knowledgeable and passionate advice, helping people choose from more than 600 wines on a perfectly ordered wine list. After all, the enjoyment of a great meal is enhanced by the right choice of wine.

Utmost precision and a strong team spirit: that is how first-class results are achieved

Professional concentration, precise in perfection

In the kitchen, meanwhile, there is an atmosphere of concentrated tension. Anyone expecting hectic hustle and bustle will be disappointed. Everything runs like clockwork, with precise steps being taken to create the perfect meal.

A seamless team of nine chefs, each of them an expert in their area, face the same challenge day after day: offering guests a unique experience.

Menu and wine list

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Menu and wine list


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