Coffee trio: Gran Verde – also part of the capsa range!

This exquisite coffee from the highlands of Peru is made using the finest arabica beans from farms with organic and Fairtrade certification. The farmers receive fair prices for their coffee, which not only increases their incomes, but also helps to improve social and economic living conditions in the local area. A real benefit to everyone in the region.

Dallmayr capsa Granverde Packungen und Kapseln
Our coffee with compostable capsules!***
Bestandteile der kompostierbaren Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde Kaffeekapsel aus biobasierten Rohstoffen

Innovative capsules

The capsules for Dallmayr Gran Verde capsa are manufactured without aluminium in Germany. They are made of bio-based raw materials (50–85%) and are compostable.

The perfect treasure chest of aromas

We use the latest capsule technology with optimal oxygen barrier properties – providing a long-lasting guarantee of fresh coffee in the cup. This technology keeps each capsule airtight to ensure a fresh flavour and aroma. The date of minimum durability is 18 months.

Industrially compostable

Most people associate the word “compostable” with being able to dispose of waste as compost in their homes or gardens. However, there are also industrial composting facilities. Here, the following applies: after 3 months, no more than 10% of the composted waste – based on the original mass – may remain after passing through a 2 mm sieve. The residue must not have any harmful effects on the compost material.
DIN EN 13432 defines requirements for the industrial compostability of packaging. Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde capsules meet the relevant standards (certified in accordance with DIN CERTCO 9G0095 & 7P0657).

Good for circulation

Products made of biodegradable materials that are turned into compost after use meet the requirements of the circular economy.

Illustration der Kreislaufwirtschaft einer Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde Kaffeekapsel

Coffee pleasure
from a capsule

Industrially compostable
in 3 months

Fresh earth
– new life

*** according to DIN EN 13432, certified in accordance with DIN CERTCO 9G0095 & 7P0657